The Wanderer of Darkness – Kyaroru


For so long, I have fought you

As if you were a life-threatening enemy

Only perceivable by my mind’s eye

Waiting for the right moment to take me down


When I finally heard, your voice and my mistakes

I listened to your whispers, imbued with sorrow

Our pain overwhelmed me, like nothing did before

And I felt the anger growing


My consciousness has awakened, and from now on

I will embrace my fate with open arms

Accept your nature and share this life

You are not me and I’m not you, we happen to be one


While you’ll try to make me bend,

I’ll try to tame you as respectfully as I can

And if you should fall,

I shall remain incomplete, meaningless


Without a past, and so robbed of a future

Emptied of my very soul,

With nothing but my true eyes

That couldn’t even find a tear to cry